Autoclavable Corneal Shield Pair with suction cup



  • Designed to vault the cornea for your patient’s safety and comfort.
  • Produced from a high temperature plastic suitable for autoclaving with a highly polished anterior and posterior surface.
  • Includes a silicone suction cup for easy insertion and removal which can be sterilized for additional use.
  • Sold as a non-sterile bilateral pair.

Additional information


Gray, White


Pediatric (18x14mm), Small (21x18mm), Medium (22x21mm), Large (24x22mm)


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Purchase more than one pair of autoclavable shields and receive the following discount:

2-3 pairs: $5 off per pair

4-5 pairs: $10 off per pair

6-8 pairs: $15 off per pair

9 or more pairs: $20 off per pair